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Whether you need to furnish an apartment, house or office for a short period, stage furniture in a home to make it attractive to potential buyers or can’t afford now to buy furniture but need some in your home, furniture rental and hire services might be the right option for you. These companies offer a large selection of furniture and home furnishings for rent. Many also offer rent to own or purchase options once you have started the rental process as well. In all cases, these options tend to be affordable in the short term, though more expensive than outright purchasing in the long run. In this article, we’ll look at exactly what furniture rental and hire services are, talk about the differences and considerations between showroom-based companies and online/catalog-based companies, look at the different categories of use for rented furniture, and talk a little bit about comparing renting vs. purchasing. 



Put plainly, furniture rental and hire services are usually companies that have a stocked showroom or warehouse of various home furnishing items that offered for rent. The rental costs, financing options, and other factors vary widely from operation to operation. Some may provide delivery, while some may require the client to arrange transportation with a third-party service. Some furniture rental and hire services providers to have showrooms with models of the offered furniture, whereas some are solely online or catalog-based operators. 


In many areas, furniture rental and hire services may offer more than the only furniture rental – more and more, furniture rental companies are becoming full-service operators. They may offer rental of appliances, decorative furnishings, electronics, and other home elements, in addition to basic furniture options. 


Another distinction between furniture rental and hire services is the intended use of the rented furniture. Most rental operations assume normal wear-and-tear on the rented furniture. Others specialize in furniture renting only for home staging – that is, for making a home look lived-in and well-designed for photography and the need for real-estate tours when selling the property. Most of that type of furniture may be higher-quality or like-new, and not intend to accumulate actual use, more akin to museum furniture. 



One of the main differences, as discussed above, between some furniture rental and hire services and others is whether they are a showroom-based business or a catalog/online-only business. There are pros and cons to each of these two types of furniture rental and hire services.


For showroom-based businesses, it is relatively easy for individuals to browse the selection and pick out what items they want to rent. There are usually circulating salespeople, and the experience is much the same as shopping for items to purchase at a furniture store. These furniture rentals and hire services sometimes offer in-house delivery services, and others may require clients to arrange the delivery. 


On the other hand, catalog and online-only furniture rental and hire services don’t give consumers the opportunity to see the furniture first hand. However, with online photos as well as dimensions and other data, these options can be advantageous for consumers to find out what will fit in their home or office space, without having to make multiple trips to a showroom floor. Also, since these businesses are remote, they almost always provide furniture delivery and pickup services. Finally, because these businesses are remote, and don’t have to maintain a showroom or sales staff in a traditional sense, the prices can often be lower than that of showroom-based furniture rental and hire services.


Of course, some companies don’t observe any distinction and offer their inventories through a combination of the showroom, catalog, and online. In these cases, consumers can expect middle-of-the-road prices, as the companies don’t get the savings from being an online or catalog-only business, and typically decent service including delivery and pickup.



No matter which type of furniture rental and hire services operations may be in your area; it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, particularly about whether the furniture is intended for use or solely for display in staging a home for sale. Typically, furniture for staging may be significantly more expensive in actual cost to the company than furniture meant for use in rentals. On the contrary, the cost to consumers tend to be lower, since there is little wear-and-tear or risk of damage when the furniture exclusively used for displaying and staging. 


At the same time, outside of the individual cases of staging a home or office for sale, most consumers are going to be looking to rent furniture from furniture rental and hire services that they intend to use. Reasons for doing so vary wildly based on individual circumstances but can include furnishing an apartment for a short-term stay, furnishing a home, apartment, or other dwellings in the short when you first move somewhere. Before buying permanent furniture, the inability to afford to purchase furniture outright, uncertainty as to whether you’ll be staying in one place for long, and similar reasons.


One other intended use is very short-term furniture rental. Furniture rental and hire services may or may not offer these kinds of services, as some specify a minimum rental period (usually at least a month) to make it worth their while for the transport of the furniture and pick up on return. However, some companies may offer short-term rentals for things like events, parties, weddings, and similar. These furniture items can often be used only for a day or two and be available just for that period of furniture rental. That type of furniture rentals can often have a limited selection, and availability is highly fluid. As ever, consumers intending to rent furniture short-term for an event should book as far in advance as possible to get the furniture they want.



When it comes to furniture rental and hire services, no one should be under the illusion that renting is somehow cheaper than purchasing furniture outright – it just isn’t. Over the long term, renting furniture is far more expensive, as you are paying a premium (much like how you pay interest on a loan over time). That does not mean, however, that furniture rental and hire services aren’t valuable – for consumers who need them, for whatever reason and situation, they can be a lifesaver. 


It’s important to understand the types of payment or financing for rental furniture, however. Typically, these fall into one of three categories (and not all furniture rental and hire services may offer all options). These categories are rent only, rent-to-own, or purchase. All furniture rental and hire services, by their nature, are going to offer furniture to rent. Some may provide rent-to-own – mainly if you rent it for many months, and you have paid for the cost of the furniture, it becomes yours. It should be noted, however, that this is usually well more than the cost of purchasing a piece of furniture outright with in-store financing from a furniture store. On the other hand, some furniture rental and hire services may be a bit of both – offering furniture for rent and rent-to-own, while also allowing consumers to purchase furniture outright. Sometimes, exceptional deals provided on worn and used furniture – after furniture rented out several times, furniture rental companies often sell it, and usually, they offer it for the very acceptable price.



In conclusion, furniture rental and hire services can provide consumers with an option to furnish their apartments, homes, or offices, whenever they need furniture fast but aren’t able to purchase it outright. Whether staying somewhere for the short term, staging a house for sale, hosting a party that requires extra furniture, or just in a tight spot financially, furniture rental and hire services can allow you to have beautiful home furnishings to let you live your life, without breaking the bank with several large-ticket purchases outright.